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Mr. Subramanian Iyer

I have always dreamt of an India where the world buys the India story. Since independence, we have been trying to sell the India story. It’s time the world buys. Over a period of time, there are some sales beliefs that are considered true and every thought revolves around these myths, like “Sales is about telling” “Sales is about rejection” Sales is about beating the competition”.Being in Sales for the last 21 years, I assure you that the reality is completely different. Sales is about asking & about inspiration. It is about working on your USP.

WE, at MRV, aim to bridge the gap between corporate and young graduates in terms of employability in the Sales function. In the days to come, only revenue-generating activities such as sales will generate more jobs, as technology will soon replace people where non-revenue-generating activities are concerned. The need of the hour is techno commercial persons, those who are tech-savvy as well as exhibit great sales acumen. I pledge to work towards enabling each of you to influence the world to buy your thoughts, concepts, products, and services.

I pledge to contribute towards the nation’s development by building world-class sales organizations for my clients and by making sales the most preferred profession. I start each day with this mission in mind. Imagine a world where you no longer have to sell! Imagine a world where people buy your product!


Trusted Since 2018

We, at Mindrank Ventures are enthusiastic about Sales and believe ‘Sales is fun’.
A sales outsourcing company, we offer comprehensive sales services after meticulous assessment of the clients’ needs and the industry trends. Strategies are drawn out, maintaining focus on the company’s goals and mission. We develop customized sales and marketing solutions based on these strategies. Our team assists in the systematic execution and thereafter, review of the sales process. Each service that we offer at MRV adopts a smart marketing technology and goes in line with the latest trends, which results in a proven prospecting process and guaranteed scalability and growth escalation on the clients’ sales graph. We welcome the wide spectrum of clientele ranging from aspiring start-up companies to small-medium enterprise organizations.


We support our clients by taking care of the minutest elements of their sales process and this we are able to do faster under a fully managed and technologically supported environment. Mindrank Ventures provides personalized sales coaching, internal and external sales support, digital brand promotion, tele-calling services, PR marketing services, lead generation services and sales presentations adhering to the clients’ needs and focused on their vision.


To positively impact sales of 500 entrepreneurs by 2023.


The world should "buy"

the India story.


Passion, Enthusiasm, Time-Adherence, and Empowerment are the values we believe in and we are Result Oriented.

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