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5 Sure-fire Methods for Realtors to win the Marketing game

The competition amongst realtors has always been fierce and the daily addition of wannabe realtors to the list has heated up things more than ever. Every true-blue realtor aspires to be unique and stand apart from the melee through exceptional service. But is that enough to attract and retain clients? The answer is no. A lot needs to be done, both online and offline, to ensure that you remain at the top of your game and differentiate yourself from the rest.

Research has shown that a large percentage of buyers begin their home search journey by using the internet and browsing online. This reiterates the fact that an active online presence is absolutely essential for real estate agents to connect to prospective clients. You are missing out on a lot of business if your online presence and engagement with clients is weak. Check these wonderful real estate marketing ideas to take a winning lead in the marketing race:

1. Create a top-notch website: While making big-ticket purchases, buyers prefer to search online for products and services, home buying included. Taking a virtual tour, check out home photos, and finding out nearby places of interest is commonplace for buyers before showing interest in a particular property. Make sure your website is filled with all the information a buyer will need, like attractive photos, 360 ° views, Google maps, and a list of supermarkets, schools, and restaurants. Make it easy for site visitors to access the necessary information and you could have a potential client walking through the door anytime soon. Since most of us access websites on our smartphones, ensure your website is mobile-friendly for easy viewing and quick navigation.

2. Get genuine testimonials from clients: Potential clients are always looking for endorsements from real people like them and indicate trust. Reach out to those clients who have had a good experience with you and ask them to endorse your services. A photograph should help too. Leverage maximum value out of it by placing it where it is easily visible. You can even share it on social media in order to jog public memory.

3. Partner with Local establishments: One of the important factors of real estate marketing is to go local and partner with supermarkets, restaurants, or coffee shops. Coffee mugs, table mats, and paper napkins are ideal to showcase your brand locally and make your presence felt. Think out of the box and you will be surprised at the response you will receive. Provide freebies like pens or color pencils at the local supermarket as they find easy acceptance with all.

4. Organize free seminars: How about hosting a free seminar for prospective home buyers on the basics of home buying or do’s and don’ts of home loans? Spread the word through flyers and local advertising at supermarkets, housing societies, and coffee shops. It will help you to connect with a large number of prospects in a single stroke and create an image of a reputed and knowledgeable realtor. The time and energy spent in organizing it will be worth as you will be the first option these prospects will think about when they decide to buy/sell their property. The database collected can be used to keep them engaged in the future.

5. Go social: If you already do not have accounts with social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the rest of the gang, it isn’t too late to get on to them now. By interacting with users on social media, you can share and promote the properties you have. Add social sharing buttons wherever possible since this helps when a visitor wants to share the available property with a friend or a relative.

Apart from those mentioned above, creating interesting newsletters, writing columns in local magazines or on popular social forums, and sponsoring local events can also pay rich dividends when used smartly. You can decide on which ones to choose depending on your client profile. All the Best!


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