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Confirmed sales appointments for Interior Designers

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'Appointments for you’ - A service tailormade for you 
What makes our service unique?
From lead generation till confirmed appointments 

From lead
generation till confirmed appointments 

MRV first generates leads based on the discussed parameters, then we qualify them and

pass them on to you to take charge and schedule appointment slots

We connect you only
with those who wish to
connect with you

MRV values your time. Hence, we secure appointments after filtering and qualifying the leads. Hence you would invest time in talking to only those, who will be aware of your product and would be keen to meet you.

Relief from hiring
and managing the
tele callers 

MRV takeover these mundane responsibilities of our clients. We recruit, train and monitor the tele callers, so that you can invest your valuable time in core decisions related to sales and building your organisation.

Dedicated tele consultant exclusively to schedule your appointments

We understand your need to have an easy connect with us, hence we have dedicated tele consultant who cater to your company’s exclusive appointment requirements

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Prospects from across the web 

We extend our reach as far as you wish to go. The leads generated for you would be garnered from across social media platforms and across geographical borders.

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Trusted by the Greatest

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Hear It from Our Customers 

“MRV is, simply, one of the best strategic salespeople it’s ever been my pleasure to work with. Our sales team’s results improved steadily, with certainty of profitability of our investment in sales.”

Namrata Bhagdevani (Interior Designer, Ahemdabad)

Request trial

We understand that this service may be first of its kind experience for you, and hence we are glad to announce a trial session for you. Our consultant will be happy to give you more details.

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Our sales executive will get in touch with you shortly!

Tel: 91 98337 01810

Mumbai - Kochi - Pune

How we can impact you

Build parallel sales-funnel independent to referen

This will assist you in minimizing the challenges of acquiring new clients at a faster pace.

You get to spend more time on your creative expertise

Since we handle all rejections at the lead qualification stage, you get to spend more time on your core expertise and build your organisation.

Better the sales-funnel better the edge over negotiation

When you meet more people you build a robust sales funnel. This not only increases the probability of sale but also gives you that required extra edge to negotiate well with your clients.

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